Residential Plumbing

/Residential Plumbing

Gauthier Plumbing offers residential plumbing services to home owners. Our experienced plumbers and technicians are dedicated professionals, and offer around the clock to service to provide you with expert advice, efficient service and precision maintenance.

We offer a host of professional plumbing services to our residential clients including: Repairs on leaking pipes, broken or leaking faucets, installation of sump pump and alarm for sump pump. Replacement of any or all plumbing fixtures in your home. Whether you supply your own plumbing fixtures or you buy them from us, we install them.


Whether you are installing new equipment or repairing malfunctioning existing plumbing in your home, you can count on our company to provide you with a prompt and efficient service.


  • We own all the modern equipment to repair any broken or plugged drain.
  • We snake plug drains, including kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, toilets and bathtubs.
  • We do electric sewer cleaning and high pressure jetting of kitchen sinks, bathroom basins, laundry tubs, floor drains and main laterals in the house and all the way to the street.
  • We also provide the home owner the satisfaction of seeing the condition of their main drain by performing a CTV Scan and providing the home owner with a video of their home drain condition. This could be beneficial for insurance purposes and re-sale of the house. Our video are always dated.
  • We also provide a mapping of the location of any problem.


Power Smoker

For homes that have an offensive odor, we own the machinery to smoke the drain and rid all foul odors emanating from the pipes. Our equipment is environmentally friendly and will rid your household of any and all odors after we locate it’s origins. Our equipment will help us shine a light on where the necessary repairs have to be performed so that we can finish the job in the most efficient manner.


Pipe Patch System

This system will repair broken pipes under the cement floor all the way out to the front lawn.  It is cost effective in regards to saving floors that are finished with tiles , hard wood etc. We will be happy to set up an appointment with home Owners to explain in details all possibilities.


Winter’s freezing temperatures usually results in frozen pipes in and around the household. We are equipped with the tools to thaw out frozen pipes with electric machine and Steam Machinery


There is two ways to replace the home water service: Dig or mole from inside to property line. For situation where there is cement, a driveway, walkways and landscaping, to mole would be less destructive. In some situations, digging would be necessary. Mole technology when circumstances are proper is the most efficient  and cost effective way of installation.

Mole Technology For Digging

We always phone 1-800-call for locating all services on home owner’s property before we start any type of work. It is always the responsibility of the contractor to make the phone call before any work start. With the new water service, we can update the plumbing in your home with the installation of a ¾” main to the hot water tank. This would give the home equal pressure when you open up any faucets.

The City approves and recommends the removal of old led service.