Commercial Plumbing

/Commercial Plumbing

At Gauthier Plumbing, We offer the most professional and reliable commercial plumbing services in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians have the skills and expertise to address all your commercial plumbing needs in a fast, reliable way, and with lasting solutions.

We Understand Our Clients

As business owners, we understand the need to minimize any and all business interruptions and plumbing issues are usually a major cause concern. Not to worry though, with Gauthier we work with the utmost efficiency and diligence to ensure minimum disturbance to your business.

We provide the following services and solutions to ensure the impact of plumbing, drain, or water conservation issues on your place of business remains minimal, while supporting a healthy workspace:

  • All plumbing services, repairs and installations
  • Free Estimates
  • Backwater Valve installtions
  • Installation of fixtures and faucets including (tubs, basin, sinks, urinals and showers of all kind)
  • We install fixtures whether we supply them or the customer supply them
  • Drain cleaning service and high pressure
  • Broken drain repair and also Pipe Patch available
  • Video inspection and location
  • We install new water service and repair old
  • General repairing’s of all kinds for plumbing
  • Laundry facilities (repair/renovations/installations)
  • Dishwashers installations
  • Garbage disposal units installations
  • Icemaker installations
  • Grease traps (installation cleaning and maintenance)
  • Frozen water lines by safe electric tracing cables
  • We service Residential, Commercial, and Institutional
  • Installer of backflow prevention devices for drinking water
  • Survey and Testing for cross connection control
  • Liscenced with the city of Hamilton and Region of Halton, and compliant

***NOTE: Services that we provide for residential clients are also available for commercial clients***