Replacement Water Service

//Replacement Water Service

Our water replacement service is available to provide safety to homeowners who have theirs homes fitted with lead pipes. Lead pipes are very dangerous and can cause serious health problems due to the contaminated drinking water.

The water pipes in and around your home can be broken down into two sections. The first section is the one that runs from the watermain to the homeowner’s property. This section of the pipes is usually owned by the City and adheres to all plumbing safety regulations.

The second section is the pipes that are on your property, which are your responsibility to maintain.

The concern for homeowners depends on when their home was built. Homes built prior to 1960 are usually fitted with water pipes that were constructed using lead, a popular material for plumbing during that time period. Since then, the dangers of lead pipes have been recognized and they are no longer admissible in plumbing due to the risks they cause to public health.

At Gauthier, we encourage you to replace the water line on your property if it is in fact made of lead. Safety should be the primary concern of all people living in our city and we would like to help keep your drinking water safe with our water replacement service.